Friday, June 16, 2006

So much to do, so little time....for a change

Ok, so i know that those of you who don't read my blog just about everyday, end up reading a book when you get on. Sorry about that. If you do decide to read these entries in their entirety, pace yourself.

So today was another not so eventful day of decorating. Charles had to work, so it was just me. I got to the church at about 11...and worked until 4. The first hour or so, i worked with another teacher that shares the room i have...she traced posters and had her kids color wouldn't have been so bad except they used block crayons (crayons made by melting down other crayons and molding them in an ice cube tray). After they left, I worked by myself for about 2 hours. Finally Kate got there...she is a last minute substitute teacher, and was coming to help decorate the room she had. Well, the other teachers had already finished the room so she came over and helped me with some of the cardboard decorations i was working on. I kept wondering where Ted and Tiffany were, since they both told me that they would be there...well, ted finally showed up about three, again suggested getting a playstation for the room, and then left about 3:30...Tiffany totally just skipped out on us, but that's ok, i got pretty much everything done.

Anyway, Rachel was there decorating her room and decided that we should do something tonight. She wanted us to go to her house, but i wasn't about to go anywhere looking as grubby as i did, so we decided to go out later and invite Charles and Kate. This is pretty much the first time all summer Kate and I have gotten to hang out (since she works all the time...she has like three jobs). Kate goes to PCC, but we went to high school together...actually we went to school together all the way back to kindergarten. Charles and i picked Kate up and we all squeezed into Charles's little Chevy S10...needless to say, we felt really close. After meeting up with Rachel and eating dinner, we hit the mall. Kate is one of those people who can find fun in anything. We roamed the mall trying on hats, sunglasses and anything else, and making fun of pretty much everything. Once again i have to ask the question...why do malls close at 9? Anyhoo, we left the mall at 9 to go get some ice i said before, anytime we want ice cream, the machine after everyone else got theirs, i stood at the counter for about eternity waiting for them to fix the machine. Anyway, i know you probably couldn't care less, but i thought i would tell you anyway...well, i have to get some sleep, tomorrow is visitation, a birthday party, and about a thousand other things...I prob. won't be on much next week with everything going on, but give me a call...If i'm busy you won't get through anyway...i don't get signal in my church's basement. I would love to keep in touch with you guys, even if i don't keep in touch with my computer.

***LOOK PICTURES POSTED!!!!!! Well at least one...

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