Tuesday, June 20, 2006

so exhaustified....but so worth it

So Neighborhood Bible Time is in full swing. I am helping in both the morning and the evening. I love it!!! Tonight we had a kid get saved. You can really tell that God has been working on his heart. Last night i got to counsel a girl that wants to witness more to her friends and unsaved family. It was really special to see her heart. We had 74 teens last night and 70 tonight...and it was so much fun!! Last night they had a pizza eating contest (the picture of charles). I felt so bad for Charles because he volunteered before he found out it was olive and goat cheese pizza. Just the smell of olives is enough to make Charles sick, and i don't want to even think about what that goat cheese tasted like, but he did really well with it. They had a girl blindfolded and then had her trying to feed it to him. It ended up being pretty messy, but great to watch!! After they finished with the pizza eating contests, they picked two girls from each of the teams. The girls had no idea what was about to happen, but they were ready to go. They were told to smear pizza on each other's faces. Once again really messy. Those poor girls had pizza everywhere...They are probably still trying to get it all off. Tonight was a pretty messy night too. They played chocolate marshmellow drop. That is where they mix marshmellows with hershey's chocolate and then try to drop them in the other person's mouth from a few feet up.
Tomorrow night is water night. It is always great with thousands of water balloons and a few fire trucks. They play a bunch of games that are just way more fun with super slick grass and a fire hose blasting you in the back. The evangelists this year are great. You can just tell they love God want to serve Him. And they can really sing!! I can't even pick up a tune, let alone carry one, so i really enjoy when i can hear someone that really can sing or play an instrument. The one guy plays the guitar for all of our services.

In the mornings, we have a time for all the kids ages 4-6th grade. i am teaching 2nd grade and i love it. Today i had 11 kids in my class, and they were all really into it. It amazes me how much kids can remember...but they all remember exactly what happened in the stories (i'm teaching Pilgrims Progress), and are eager to hear what happens next. We start the morning with registration and then we go to rally time, where the evangelist tells stories and interacts with the kids. After that we go for snack and game time. We got a dino jump, and the kids love to jump on it. Class time comes last and we teach our Bible stories.

OH...as you can see i finally found a way to post pictures, almost without fail!!!!! That means you can see more of my life than i was able to share before. I am definitely a shutter bug. I love my digital camera!!

OK, so i am pretty much falling asleep sitting here staring at my screen...i know you are too cause you are so sick of reading about NBT...so i am going to get some sleep. Give me a call or send me a txt...i miss talking to all of you online all the time...danielle, i miss our morning chats...yeah i know i stole the title from you.

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Danielle said...

wow....you read my mind. i was just about to say that you stole my word and then i see the little exerpt at the bottom for me...how nice. :) Anyway, i miss our morning chats too....i feel so out of the loop. oh well, guess i'll catch up with you later....call me sometime!