Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ice Cream Woes....again!

Okay, so tonight i served ice cream at my church again. The person who was supposed to do it had something come up, so they couldn't, and of course since i am incapable of saying no, I agreed to do it. I have to admit it wasn't as bad as before, but i still got covered in sticky ice cream. People have obviously gotten over the novelty of getting ice cream after the service because they aren't asking for an extra scoop as often. There is one thing that i have to vent about. Why don't people ever say thank you?? I mean this is one of the basic lessons that most parents teach their two year olds, but they have obviously forgotten themselves. Is it really that's two syllables! I probably served 200 cups of ice cream tonight, and i heard thank you...maybe five times...once from my brother, from a few little kids, and once from the lady who was supposed to be dishing out ice cream. Just remember to thank the "little people" once in a while.

Anyway, it has been about four days since i last blogged (i know shocker), but i am dealing with the withdrawal symptoms okay. I went for my dress fitting on Saturday for Trisha's wedding, and i have to say i am impressed with her choice. The dresses are beautiful! I don't know if it is possible to make it "Crown-approved" in the one in a million chance that i go to the banquet my senior year, but then again why worry about something that is over a year and a half away. Hard to believe that in a year and a half i am going to be a college senior with less than a semester to go! The dress fitting was pretty fun. We roamed around the store, laughing at the ridiculous prices of ribbons, while Trisha tried on dresses.

On Sunday, we had two college groups visit, one from Ambassador and one from PCC. Of course, we played the "do you know this person game" that you play when you meet someone who goes to college with someone your brother's girlfriend's cousin's friend's mom worked with once upon a time. I can't say i totally envy them travelling away from home all summer, but i really wish that Crown did something like would have to be something other than singing since i can't even pick up a tune let alone carry one. Crown has New Testament Church Pioneers, but i just don't think that's for me. It would be awesome to do something with my summer to minister to people. I am praying about working at the camp my church goes to next summer.

I was told the other night that i don't really leave my blogs open for comments...i don't really know how to fix that, but i'll work on it because the only reason i write this thing is for my friends to read and get an update on my life (not that it is too exciting). I really am giving up on putting pictures in my entries. Well, i am going to go finish washing the nasty, sticky ice cream off, and get some sleep, so i can go decorate my room for NBT tomorrow.

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