Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It's Bible Time...

Job interviews...it is amazing how much it is possible to hate them. I had another one today. Since it was a telemarketing job, i had to read a script. I felt like a total idiot reading a script about a credit card for sailors to a business woman who was more interested in typing on her computer than listening to me anyway. I can't stand keeping that cheesy "i want to work for you for pretty much no money" smile on my face, but something tells me i have no chance getting a job if i don't.

Anyway, half of the interview was watching this orientation video about the company...it was pretty much chinese water torture. But if it is the job i'm meant to get...then "hello my name is Mary and i am calling for...." I just can't imagine being the person i hang up on everyday. I tried to apply at that job where my friend said they were hiring, but they said they were only hiring part-time people that can work on Sundays.

In two weeks my church is having Neighborhood Bible Time. I love NBT. This is our church's 7th year doing it, and my 5th year as a teacher. I get to teach 2nd grade in the morning and i come and help with the teens at night. NBT is a program where two college age guys come to your church, they have been trained to run a vacation Bible school. Anyway, the story i am teaching this year is Pilgrim's Progress. I have to go decorate my room next week...that could be a problem since i have NO artistic ability whatsoever. Actually have no ability for anything...except my psychopathic memory. All the kids in my church are super excited...all week they compete with other kids for points. They get points for coming, bringing their Bible, bringing friends, doing their daily study, and saying memory verses. (Memory verses were always my strength. I got 564 my last summer as a teenager. Trying to memorize that many verses in a week, while you are teaching a class is not easy...i didn't get much sleep that week. ) At the end of the week, there is an awards ceremony where all the parents come and the kids get to sing songs they learned during the week, and all the awards are passed out. The first place for every division gets a Bible and a blue ribbon. Every night, the teens have a rally...last year we had over 100 teens by Thursday night. The teens play games, and compete as teams for the whole week. The evangelists preach awesome messages about salvation, surrender to God, and full-time Christian service. Thursday night is probably the best night...it is called DU (destination unknown....even though it is pretty much at the same place every year). We have a giant bonfire that burns behind the evangelist as he preaches. Now, when i say bonfire...i don't mean a dinky little 3 foot high bonfire that if you sneeze to hard you'll put it out...i mean a 30 foot high bonfire that forces us to move our chairs back to escape from the heat. Well, i guess i have rambled on about NBT long enough (as you are falling asleep staring at your computer screen). Needless to say i am pretty excited.

Well, i hope you are all having a great summer. Pray for the job thing...So i pretty much officially give up trying to post pictures on this...

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